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About the site...

This is an internal site, just for us. Its real purpose is to make it easy for us to access and enjoy the LARGE quantity of digital pictures we have collected over the years.

Ok, a whole lot of those pictures are "yet to be digitized." Which means I have a pretty large bunch of negatives and slides that I have not yet scanned. Oh, and some of the stuff that's already digitized needs to be redone with newer equipment. I guess this is "hobby security."

About Us

Well, about that. We're a couple of folks who have been together for quite a long time. How long, you ask? We've been together 45 years, and we've been married 44 years.

We met while we were in the Air Force. Quite junior, really, but that didn't matter. We fitted our lives around the Air Force, and didn't really think about it. Because we had each other.

I spent a total of over 23 years on active duty in the Air Force, and most of it was really rewarding. Most of it, anyway.

She spent a total of 8 1/2 years in the Air Force, then, well "stuff happened." And that's about it.